The Four Car Seat “Don’ts”

image_10-54-55_06448_01-07-2016There are some things parents should never do when installing or using a car seat for children. Some of these things have already been mentioned on this site, some of them are yet to be mentioned but there is something common about them: they most certainly should be mentioned.

These “don’ts” are essential to the child’s safety, less importantly, comfort.


airbags_baby_seats_100008915_sWe have already stressed this out. Airbags are dangerous to children. It does not matter what air bag we are talking about, they all a dangerous, although each type presents a different kind of threat.

The reason you should never install the infant car seat in front of an air bag is that the airbag would knock the car seat over upon collision, potentially causing injuries to the child. If the child is already old enough to ride in the forward-facing position or even use the booster seat, the air bag is still too dangerous for the child, potentially lethal.

The front seat

a3a97ef1341a31f88ac3c5a38541914fAnother thing you should never do is to seat your child in the front seat. Whether you are using a safety car seat or your child is old enough to ride without one, the front seat is too dangerous for children under 12 years old to use.

One of the reasons for that is the fact an airbag is usually installed in front of the front cars seat. But it is not the only one. A frontal collision is one of the most frequent types of car crashes. Any passenger who seats in the front is likely to suffer more devastating injuries than the passenger who sits in the back of the car.

image_10-49-51_06445_01-07-2016Riding without a proper safety car seat

If there is one thing many parents fail to do is to actually acquire a car seat for their child or a proper one. It is not unusual for families with modest incomes, especially in poorer neighborhoods, to never buy a car seat for their only child. Acquiring a used car seat also happens sometimes.

However, it should be noted that riding without a safety car seat might increase casualties by 70% whereas using car seats that have already expired is completely out of the question.

Poorly secured car seat

image_18-38-23_06458_01-07-2016The car seat should always properly secured. This is not just a reiteration of what common sense would suggest. Most of the time, parents fail to secure the car seat properly. They do secure the seat, mind you, but not in the best way.

The LATCH system has been designed specifically to facilitate proper securement. Some car seats also come with level indicators to provide the necessary feedback for the adults.

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