How do we keep up?

We are not the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. We are not a governmental organizations. We are not even sponsored, and we intend to keep it that way. In that light, the question of how we can keep up is quite valid. We simply do have the fund necessary to run crash testing, for one. We cannot afford to wreck car seats and cars on a regular basis. We lack computer power to run simulations and modelling. However, we do have something.

We have a wonderful team of 11 members each of whom can and does contribute to the cause. We study and analyze car seats, we constantly compare them to each other, and we use car seats.

Some of us have big families, and they can do a better comparison than simply comparing the stats.

We have analysts, researchers, and engineers. We want to keep our children safe, as probably do you.

That is how we keep up.

How you can contribute

Yes! Exactly that. You can contribute to our research. The help we need is nothing special and quite easy to provide. The only thing we require of you is your feedback. This is it.

That is how we do part of our research, actually. By painstakingly collecting readily available data as well as the feedback from people who use car seats. The latter is even more important.

That means, if you have an opinion, feel free to share it with us. If you have an experience, please, share it with us. If you have suggestions, we will hear you out.

Good luck and thank you!