Getting A Car Seat Locking Clip

image_16-44-48_06389_24-06-2016The importance of locking clips

This is definitely something that cannot be overestimated. A locking clip is essential for the safety of the baby. However, it always contributes to the safety of the baby, never creates it. But if so, what is the purpose of the car seat locking clip? Other than to help restrain the child in the car seat?image_17-39-42_06860_05-08-2016

The answer to this question is not all that hard to get. The only thing needed of a locking clip is to not be a weak link. And that is about it. This also means high-quality heavy-duty locking clips are only needed if you have an exceptionally good car seat. Otherwise, it is the car seat that will be the weak link.

However, you should understand that we are talking about chest clips. They are far more important than other types of locking clips since they are directly involved when the child’s safety is concerned. Other types of locking clips are used primarily for convenience rather than safety and as such, they are not that important.

How to choose a locking clip

There are not too many factors to consider. We would like to single out three of them: durability, design, and compatibility.

The latter is virtually a non-issue. Locking clips are very much universal these days. Most locking clips should be a good fit for any Britax, Maxi-Cosi or Chicco car seat, the brand is simply unimportant unless otherwise specified. With that in mind, you only have to worry about the durability and design.image_17-25-13_06858_05-08-2016

Of those two, durability is more important if we are talking about chest clips. Generally, the more durable a clip, the better. However, at some point the clip’s sturdiness becomes irrelevant. After all, it only matters if the car seat can keep up.

The design may be ignored altogether but it is better not to do that. After all, it is very important when children are considered. The clash of styles is not the best idea. Besides, it is possible that the child has their own preferences.

Why buy a locking clip at all

image_17-34-56_06859_05-08-2016This is a very good thing to ask. Why would anyone need to do that? Do car seats not come with chest locking clips? They most certainly do but sometimes, replacements are needed if the old clip is either broken or is the weak link in the first place. As a matter of fact, we do not recommend using a car seat that came poorly constructed locking clips. It would be better to get a new car seat.

However, simple locking clips are another matter entirely. They are added for convenience rather than safety as such. They do not cost much and allow putting a child into the car seat and securing him or her there without hassle.

Top 3 Locking Clips

3. Chest Clip from IDS

Chest Clip from IDSThe first locking clip we present you is a safety chest clip. One where durability matters greatly. Thankfully, this clip made by IDS is indeed very durable. It is wear-resistant, strong and very tough.

It is a perfect solution if your child is very active and restless. One of those cases when you do not have to wait for the original clip to break or wear.

The clip is made of nylon but that does not mean it is not any good. Nylon is a very sturdy material. The clip may not be a state of the art product but it looks extremely stylish. A perfect purchase, especially since it very cheap. A meal might cost you more than this clip.

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2. 2x Gated Buckle Locking Clip Car Seat Belt Safety Harness Baby Child Kid Xl

2x Gated Buckle Locking Clip Car Seat Belt Safety Harness Baby Child Kid XlThis gated clip will be a perfect match for any child car seat. That said, there is a limit for the belt width: it must not exceed 27 mm.  As for the sturdiness, there is no reason to worry about that. Unlike most locking clips, this one is made from metal. The belt and straps are far more likely to wear out than the clip itself. Even the car seat may expire earlier. In that, you could easily transfer the clip to a new car seat.

This gated clip is ideal for keeping the seat belt tight. It does more than that, of course. The clip can also be used to stop unwanted sideways movement and convert a lap sash into a lap belt, although such a function may not be needed.

The clip is very cheap even if a bit more expensive than some other ones.

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1. Lulaclips Seat Harness Clip

Lulaclips Seat Harness ClipThe Lulaclips clip is a little different from those presented in this review as it does not serve the safety of the child, not directly, at least. However, it does provide a great measure of convenience, enough to contribute to the child’s safety as well.

The main feature of this clip is the ability to hold buckles open, which makes placing a baby into the seat much easier of a task. Additionally, the clips prevent straps from tangling.

The Lulaclips harness clip is perfect for saving time and effort. It only takes seconds to install them. No worries about mismatches, the clips are a perfect fit for all car seats and carriers.

The best way to describe these clips is to compare them to a pair of hands. And not just because of their unique design. Rather, it is because of the fact these clips do what extra hands do. They help you to do everything faster and better.

This pair of hand can be purchased for a very modest sum of money, although, admittedly, many other clips are cheaper.

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