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Obviously, a car seat cover is used to protect the car seat. However, there are two types of car seat covers. One of them is used for protection of the child car seat proper and, by proxy, the child as well. The other is used to protect the vehicle car seat from the child car seat, as well as to increase the grip, which, in its turn, would increase the safety of the child.

Car seat cover for the vehicle car seat

image_09-52-06_06090_06-05-2016A car seat cover for the vehicle car seat (a protector) is used for the vehicle seat’s protection rather than that of the car seat. It is not unusual for a child car seat to damage the vehicle car seat. As a rule, friction is involved when a child car seat is installed. A car seat protector is what absorbs the shocks and gets scraped, not the car seat.

This type of car seat covers will not be mentioned further in the review.

Car seat cover proper

A seat cover proper is used to protect the child car seat from dust, elements and direct sunlight. Do not confuse it with car seat pads. Functionally, a car seat cover proper is similar to a canopy in that that it is draped over the top of the car seat. It is also typically attached to the handle. A car seat cover does not interfere in any way with the proper use of the car seat, therefore, it is not only used for storage.s-l225

Importance of car seat covers

There are several uses of a car seat cover, some of which may be apparent. They can be used to protect the child from sun and heat or, the opposite, to keep warmth within the confines of the car seat. They also offer protection from snow, rain, and other unpleasant things.

Types of car seat covers

Based on what car seat covers offer in general, it is possible to subtract several types of them. Even then, most of car seat covers are universal and not specialized. However, some are. There four main types that can be separated:fg

  • Summer covers. These car seat covers primarily protect the child from the sunlight and at the same time are ventilated.
  • Winter covers. These car seat covers allow the sunlight to heat the car seat but at the same time, they protect the child from the elements. They are typically made of warm and thick materials.
  • Weather covers. These car seat covers are typically lined with rubber or made other waterproof materials. Usually, they are made of transparent materials or fabrics, as there is no reason to block the sunlight.
  • Anti-insect covers. These car seat covers are meant to keep insects like mosquitos and wasps out. They are typically netted and have no seams.
  • Universal covers. Usually, protect from all elements equally good but have no specialization.fes

Top 5 of Best Car Seat Cover For Protection

5. Danha Gray Arrows Car Seat Canopy Cover

Danha Gray Arrows Car Seat Canopy CoverThe Gray Arrows is a gender neutral car seat canopy. It is a universal cover functionality-wise. The price is very low but car seat covers are not generally expensive. This one costs more than some others although not by much.

The cover offers complete protection from sunburns, excessive heat, wind, rain, and other elements even though it has no specialization. The Gray Arrows can be used as a play mat. In that capacity, it is extremely comfortable for the child and is capable of protecting them from the cold and moisture, provided it is placed on the ground.

It is very lightweight and has a stylish look. The fabric is made of high-quality materials. The cover comes with a nursing cover, an extra blanket, and an emergency changing pad.

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4. guzzie+Guss Car Seat Rain Cover

guzzie+Guss Car Seat Rain CoverThe guzzie+Guzz Rain Cover is primarily designed for rain protection. As such, it can be referred as a rain cover.

The rain cover has been designed to fit any infant car seat. It will also fit most bassinets, regardless of their manufacturer. The rain cover is equipped with a zippered front window for the easy removal of the baby. It will not be necessary do remove the entire cover in order to either get the baby or put them back.

The cover is not air tight. It is equipped with ventilation holes, which not only supply the baby with air but also allow thermoregulation and prevent overheating.

As for the price, the rain cover will not cost you not much.

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3. Bonafide Baby Car Seat Cover With Free Stroller Hook

Bonafide Baby Car Seat Cover With Free Stroller HookThe Bonafide Baby Car Seat comes with a stroller hook, which allows carrying bags on the handle of the car seat. But the hook is only an insignificant portion of what comes with this cover. It shields the child from the direct sunlight, protects them from insects and rain, and keeps them warm and healthy.

The cover is 35% cotton and 65% polyester. It is machine washable. As for the comfort, it is capable of providing, the cover has a soft plush backside that can be used as a blanket rather than a cover proper.

The standard price is relatively high for a cover but if you get lucky and stumble upon a discount, you could save even more than you would spend. Do note that discounts are not guaranteed, so count on the cover to cost more than average.

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2. Imagine Baby Car Seat Canopy Shade

Imagine Baby Car Seat Canopy ShadeThe Shade has a very simplistic design. It is primarily a summer cover used for shielding the child from the sunlight. Nevertheless, it can also protect the child from the insects since it is equipped with a netted window for ventilation and insect protection. The rest of the cover is made from a soft Lycra fabric. It is breathable and water wicking, which makes it a good cover for rains.

The Shade does not only protect the baby from the heat but also the UV rays, thus limiting the exposure to the UV radiation to the safe limits.

It might be of interest to you that this cover easily fits into any diaper bag.

The standard price is relatively high. It might be possible to save a lot of money but only if you are lucky to get a special offer. And that is unlikely.

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1. AMAZLINEN Universal Fit Multi-use Baby Car Seat Cover

AMAZLINEN Universal Fit Multi-use Baby Car Seat CoverThe AMAZLINEN car seat cover is extremely versatile. It is not necessarily used as a car seat cover, although it is very good in that capacity, protecting the child from the sunlight, weather, and noise. It can also be used as a chair cover, a nursing cover, a shopping cart cover, and an infinite scarf for the mother.

The product (as it would be not entirely correct to limit ourselves to calling it a car seat cover) is 95% cotton. It is stretchy and breathable, as well as very comfortable for the baby.

It is very easy to install on a car seat or shopping car, especially due to the generous size, and very easy to fold up. Easy to be readied for nursing as well. And the important detail is that it is not see-through, thus saving the modesty of the nursing mothers by providing 360-degree coverage for them and their babies.

The AMAZLINEN is a very expensive car seat cover but the price is worth it.

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